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Proficiency Testing – Histopathology

The objectives of the program is to maintain, through regular proficiency testing, world’s best standards in:

  1. Technical preparation of histopathological sections of animal tissues, including the application of routine and special histochemical stains.
  2. Description and interpretation of pathological changes at the gross, histopathological and ultrastructural levels.

The program operates by providing material (unstained sections on glass slides, digital and photographic images of gross and ultrastructural lesions) to participating laboratories. Responses are evaluated on a ‘whole of laboratory’ basis and the confidentiality of participating laboratories is assured. Four rounds are conducted each year.

This proficiency testing program is a requirement for Australian laboratories seeking and/or maintaining NATA accreditation (in the field of veterinary testing) for anatomic pathology, histopathology, necropsy and electron microscopy.