Useful Links

The following list of useful links has been compiled to assist users in finding veterinary pathology related information. If you would like to add a link to our list, please contact

1. Joint Pathology Center (JPC)
Includes the famous Wednesday Slide Conference (WSC) and Veterinary Systemic Pathology Online (VSPO).

2. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention – National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Division of Parasitic Diseases
Entry to parasitic disease information of the CDC Atlanta website (with links of course to the rest of the CDC site).

3. International Veterinary Information Service
A not-for-profit organisation aimed at general veterinary information transfer (not just pathology). Registration (free) is necessary to use the site.

4. Australian Registry of Wildlife Health
The wildlife and zoo animal disease registry based at Taronga Zoo, with many useful links to related institutions.

5. Cornell University
Homepage of the Department of Biomedical Sciences (pathology) in the Cornell University’s veterinary college

6. Veterinary Information Network

7. European College of Veterinary Pathologists 
Information on training avenues for veterinary pathologists

8. Royal College of Pathologists – Training Courses
Entry into veterinary pathology training within the Royal College of Pathology, UK

9. American College of Veterinary Pathologists
Information on the wide variety of educational and career opportunities

10. Charles Louis Davis and Samuel Wesley Thompson DVM Foundation
Information on the Davis-Thompson  Foundation and materials.